Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge


Week 49 – 26. Prohibited


This is a view of a derelict site from the local Railway station. The site had several Government Departments housed there where my husband and I worked. The Offices moved up to London and I transferred there and ended my working life commuting. My husband retired. The buildings were single storey prefabricated buildings which I believe were used in the war years as a hospital.

It is difficult to see now that the site has become overgrown, but the edges of the property were shored up with gravel to prevent anyone settling there with caravans etc. That is why I choose it for the ‘Prohibited’ theme.

The land was purchased by one of the big supermarket giants but the plans they put forward for building were never accepted. It’s future is still uncertain and it is a bit of an eyesore.


Week 48 – A4. Photographer’s choice


My beloved Broughty Ferry Castle which holds many memories for me.

I played on the beach around and beneath it – fabulous rock pools. I watched people fishing from the pier. I learned to swim in the harbour there. There were scary high waves which crashed against the walls on a stormy day. The park is nearby and we had talent shows there every week. We swam on the safe beach nearby. Mum would provide me with a packet of crisps and a drink as a “shivery bite” and yes, the water was very cold. We collected shells and drew in the sand, built sand castles, buried each other in the sand! I had a very blessed childhood with lots of freedom and places to play.


Week 45 – 52. With a ball


We visited Hatfield Hall recently. It is Jacobean built in 1611. Queen Elizabeth grew up here.

The Marquis of Salisbury owns Hatfield house and the family still live there. The banqueting hall has been restored and is quite something. There are many interesting paintings. There were two of Queen Elizabeth 1, both very symbolic which we enjoyed.

This ball is part of the mobile water sculpture by Angela Conner. It is situated in front of the House and is called ‘Renaissance’. The curved structure is silver coloured and has water cascading down the arms. The ball is golden and rises out of the water in a mist. The silver curves open up at the same time.