Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge


Week 40 -22. Laundry


We have had a lovely spell of warm weather. This day, ‘washing’ day was sunny and windy. Perfect drying weather. I love being out in the garden once again and there is nothing to beat the fresh smell of sheets dried  on the ‘washing’ line. ‘Washing’ as opposed to ‘Laundry’ is how we described the weekly wash of clothes at home in Scotland. When I was very young the weekly wash was done in the wash house. An outhouse with a big stone boiler which had room underneath the boiler for a fire to be lit to heat up the water for the washing. The whites were boiled then the water was used in sinks and cooled for the rest of the washing. We had a ‘mangle’, two rollers turned with a handle to squeeze out the water from the clothes. When the weather was fair, the washing was hung out to dry and if it was raining, there were ‘pulleys’ which were clothes rails which were let down from the ceiling to load the wet washing and pulled up again to the ceiling for the clothes to dry.

Thank goodness for washing machines and tumble dryers! It took a whole day to wash the clothes and was a cold job in the winter time.