Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge


Week 26 – A1 – Blue

Late again. Had a lovely time however playing with an indoor studio, a mirror, macro, marbles and DIY lighting. Lots more practice I think but absorbed me for several hours.

Could not decide on reflections or blue. The reflections were good but unfortunately reflected the ‘studio’ and me in the marbles. Back to the drawing board.



Week 25 – 45. Statues

Up in London again visiting our friend. I hope you will accept this as Statues. I had some statues of saints from the convent we visited but these caught my eye in Vauxhall Park as we passed through. As our family are journeying back to Melbourne I thought this was a link with them. In the park I also spotted a Child’s play park that said “All adults to be accompanied by an child” which made me laugh and a bench dedicated to “Sheila Clark”. I have a friend with the same name. I thought she would be amused that she had a namesake with a park bench dedicated to her! So here is my take on the theme and some extra shots to record our day in Vauxhall.

IMG_4326 - Version 2


                 IMG_4323        IMG_4322


Week 24 – 17. High Above

At a local animal and adventure playground there were these fantastic climbing tubes about ten feet of the ground. Our grandson had an exciting time and I managed to get a few good shots of him. It was a lovely crisp sunny day and for once it was not raining. It was an exciting and well equipped area for children with an indoor soft play area with more climbing activities and healthy food for them. A great find.

Week 24 - 17. High Above