Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge


Week 38. – 13. Forced Perspective

We spent a lovely time in the park on Saturday with our grandchildren and one of our sons, Uncle to the girls. As it was such a lovely day we had a picnic and I had fun with my camera with the theme “Forced Perspective”. I think the shot with our grand daughter upside down was really confusing. I have included a few of the other shots, one showing the scene right way up!

SH 6 - Flowing



Week 37 – 20. Interpretation of Art

I took this photo a long time ago and although it is not good technically I liked it and have hung on to it. I was struggling to decide what to do this week and I remembered it. I am very found of Van Gogh’s work and this reminded me of his sunflowers. I used the same technique as the single colour on Black and White to paint in the present background and to cover the original background. It was a very painstaking exercise and my painting needs more practice but I enjoyed it. I would have liked to    have done a textured background but that is for another time.

Week 37 - 20. Interpretation of Art

There is a selection of Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ at


Week 36 – 22. It’s a mystery

I am sure the birds were confused when we put a chocolate egg in the bird feeder during the Easter Egg Hunt! They were probably saying “What is this”?”it’s a mystery to me!”

Hope you all had a good Easter. I was aiming to take a photograph of the ‘family table’ but it all went a bit chaotic. I cannot remember what my meal tasted like! What a waste! We had a full house so we had 16 bodies to feed and sit!

We had our usual Egg painting and easter Egg Hunt. Our daughter did one of my husband with cotton wool for his hair. I think we all had a great time.



Week 35 – 41. Single Colour on Black and White

Finally taken the plunge. I have found two ways to do this. This is the second way. Hope it is good enough. This one used the Brush tool which I found easier to control. The other way used one of the selection tools but I found that a little more difficult and will need a bit more practice to make it work well for me.


The scene is at Borough Market in Central London near London Bridge and the Shard. The Market was a real treat since I am a’foodie’. Lots of organic produce on display as well as spices and bread. We had a great time looking round then choosing things to have a feast when we got home watching our favourite TV programme. It will definitely be a trip to repeat! I was very excited too. I have a real attraction to the Shard and this was my first visit near it. I have only seen it at a distance before. Below is a view of the Shard from the Market and a shot of the goodies we had for supper.

Borough Market