Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge


Week 9 – 9. Complementary Colours

Playing at home. Still catching up but getting there. This bowl is an old favourite. It was rescued from the seconds bin as it has faults in the glaze. I enjoyed spot healing them to make it look perfect. I love the colour and it looks good with lemons or oranges.



Week 8 – 19. Homemade

Exploring gluten-free cakes at the moment. This is Apricot Amaretti biscuits taken from Patrick Holford’s and Fiona McDonald Joyce’s Cookbook on Low-GL Diet. They taste very good if you like cake with your coffee or tea. I was going to add the recipe but I am not sure where that leaves you with copyright laws.

Week 8


Week 7 – 16. Frame within a frame

Caught up at last. Like last year I have been flat out preparing for the competition entries for this year’s Camera Club Exhibition. This year I have more prints to enter so I have finally mastered making my own mounts !!

I apologise for being behind too with comments on everyone’s photos but hope to catch up within the next few days. I have enjoyed those I have caught up with. Thank you.

Last week’s entry is from a visit to Bath. There was an embroidery display in the Abbey depicting the life of jesus. They were beautiful and as you see, this one was “The Lord ascends to Heaven”.

“Sue Symon’s masterpiece ‘One Man’s Journey to Heaven’, also known as the Bath Abbey Diptychs, is an awe-inspiring work of art and craft. The life of Christ is depicted in 35 pairs of sumptuously decorated panels; a combination of needlework, hand-drawn lettering, illumination and calligraphy.”

Bath Abbey

The website for Bath Abbey is here


Week 6 – 28. Mirrored image

D1_Trudie Callan_Don't sit on me

This mirrored image is of my friend who went with me on the Modern Architecture photowalk in the City of London.

This was a black marble-like seat near the building at 88 Wood Street. I managed to get rid of the bird droppings etc but it still shows the wear and tear of much use.

“88 Wood Street (1999) was designed by the Richard Rogers Partnership, this has three linked blocks of office accommodation that step up from eight storeys on Wood Street, to 18 storeys to the west. Ultra-clear, low-iron glazing has been used for most of the building’s façades. The glass’s extraordinary level of transparency allows internal elements, such as lift shafts and stairwells, to be displayed to dramatic effect.”

88 Woodgate 2_edited-1

The lady is in the lift going up and it shows the brightly coloured utilities inside the building.

 88 Woodgate 1

The blue and red pipes are ventilation shafts. There are many on the outside of the building.


Week 5 – 46. Tell a story

This week’s photo was taken at the Royal Horticultural Society’s gardens at Wisley in Surrey. We have had two visits there this week. One for a macro photoshop organised by one of our Camera Club members and the other to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary. There has been an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme in the Gardens this summer as well as a sculpture trail. On our first visit there were people going round the garden dressed as characters from the book speaking to the children. We spotted this on the way out. They were very realistic.

IMG_0020 - Version 2