Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge


Week 34 – A5-Reflections

This spot is called West End. We went there to visit the Garden Centre which has a lovely cafe for scones and jam and a well stocked organic farm shop. It has a Pick Your Own site as well which has tasty vegetables and soft fruit in season. It was about 4pm when I went to take some shots with my point and shoot. The camera has a facility for using aperture mode so it was a good chance to get some more practice. This lake is in a good setting with ducks and swans and lovely willow trees.  I enjoyed capturing the lovely golden light of that time of day. It is definitely a place to come with my DSLR and a tripod and take more time and care to get better shots. This one was for ‘Reflections’. I have posted the fuller version which showed a beautiful sky. The two others are of the ducks and the golden light.

Reflections-A5 Golden Light DucksI was very lucky. They had a sale and I bought a nice cosy jumper for cold outings!


Week 33 – 33. – Paths and/or trails

Had a great hour in the fresh air this afternoon in the Heritage Trust park nearby. I was spoilt for choice of subjects and managed to get a few shots for several of the themes. I also had a chance to try out choosing apertures, doing long exposures and choosing ISOs and going completely manual. I wonder why I have not tried it sooner. Perhaps I was not ready for it. It seems as if a whole new world has opened up.

The one I finally chose was this one for paths and trails. It was a long exposure shot and I liked the arty effect and the light in it.

It was taken with a 18-55mmlens at 30mm. It was late afternoon and the light was going in a wooded area. I had the camera on a monopod. The readings were f29, 2 secs, ISO 100.


This one was “one step at a time’


and ‘long exposure’


I now have to try out the ND 10 filter for the long exposure shots. At least I have found a possible location!


Week 32 – 8. Differences

I spotted these on a trip through Kingston. Using the different colours for the eggs was eye-catching.

I took a couple of pictures of the buskers there today but they were not as good as I wanted. I also took

some daffodil and crocus for “Forced Perspective” I thought but was not sure if I had got it. More reading.


IMG_4385 - Version 2

One of the buskers. I had to give them money since I took their photograph.

IMG_4382 - Version 2


Week 31 – 43. Solitary

This is Queen Anne, a gilded statue on the roof of Kingston’s Market House. The Market House stands in the Ancient Market Place. The building is a Grade II listed building dating back to 1840, although a previous timber construction has stood in this location since 1505. The statue of Queen Anne was sculpted by Francis Bird when the original timber building was restored by 1714. When the present building was rebuilt in 1840, the statue of Queen Anne was retained for this building. The Market House was used as the Town Hall until 1935 when the present Guildhall was built. Since then it has been known as the Market House due to the surrounding market. It houses the Market House Exhibition Gallery today. The statue has been re-gilded several times.

I mistakenly thought it was Queen Victoria until I looked up its history for this blog. I have chosen her for this theme as she stands out alone in all her gilded splendour.

Week 31