Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge


Week 52. – 47. Summer Fun

The final blog. I have been dragging my feet posting these last 2 entries. I have enjoyed the experience so much. Thank you all who have commented, supported and challenged me over the year. Where has the year gone. I have enjoyed following your blogs and getting to know you through your camera and words. I have been places I will probably never see and my life is the richer because of it. Looking forward to next year and learning how to set up another year. More tutorials I fear!

I have been looking for a colourful merry-go-round for this theme and finally spotted one on the Southbank in London. I have touched the paintwork up so it is ready to go! Hold tight!

summer fun


Week 51 – 7. Car Lights

I wanted to do car light trails for this one but did not get round to it. These car lights were taken at a carpark in Dungeness on a bus trip we took earlier this year. I am not sure what car it is but it was a very cheerful yellow sports car. I was quite proud of the sun flare on it too.

Dungeness is on the South east coast of Kent and has a power station there which will cease being operational soon. One of our lectures at the Camera Club was about a lady who had used Dungeness Power Station as the subject for her Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society.

car lights


Week 50 – A2. Circles

I had the remaining themes I have not tried in my mind and spotted the hen in our daughter’s garden. The eye seemed to be shouting “circles” to me. I spent ages shadowing the hen. Her head moved all the time or so it seemed. It was like these comedy shows when someone tries to catch a hen for dinner. Eventually one of our grand daughters picked her up but I was then challenged with getting a good background! The hen did oblige eventually and stood still long enough to get this shot! Great fun!

Week 50 - A.2- Circles

Taken with my compac camera. Processed in the Colour Efex using 2 of the Vignette filters.

P.S. Sadly “DJ Chocolate”, the hen was eaten by a fox on Wednesday this week. Glad we have a picture of her. Our daughter has decided it is not fair to have any more since the foxes seem to be so bold. Foxes are not called wily for nothing!


Week 49 – 31. Panning

This is a shot I took on our photowalk of the boats on the river. I like the abstract panning shots this sometimes gives. It is processed in Elements until I got the colour I wanted. I did another one with more colours but it was badly overexposed and so much so that I could not recover it. A friend in our Camera Club does superb sea abstracts using panning.

Week48 - 31. Panning

f/36, 1 sec, ISO 100. Focal length 55mm.


Week 48 – 29. On Two Wheels

Our Camera Club had a photowalk this week along the River Thames at Hampton Court Palace. There was lots to do and see and a variety of photo opportunities. One of our members lives on a houseboat there and she took some of us on a trip on the river and another member, who lives nearby arranged for us to go across the river where there is a lock and weir. It was in the evening so we had perfect light and it was the end of a beautiful summer day.

I practised long exposures with the fast water of the weir, shot some backlit flowers, reflections, some graphic shots of bridges etc, a few landscapes, a few panning shots and a few into the setting sun. The quality is patchy but I had a good time choosing the apertures etc and I was pleased that I can make choices and know my way around my camera better. A good place to go back to and take more time on things I want to take better shots of.

I took the opportunity to take some shots for the above theme and managed to find a variety of subjects. There were lots of cyclists on the towpath but I was not fast enough or patient enough to get an action shot of them. There were scooters and motorbikes which seemed to have been there a long time but I did not have the correct f/stop etc to sufficiently blur the busy background. I found this bicycle parked in the bushes and I have used it.

f/8, 1/15, ISO 400 processed in Nik Collection,Silver Efex Pro2, Soft Sepia

On Two Wheels