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Photo-a-Week Challenge


Week 8 – 50. Urban Scenery

We had a meeting up in London yesterday so I thought it was an opportunity for the above clue. Not a brilliant shot I am afraid but I have had a virus and this was the best I could do this week.

IMG_4059 - Version 2



Week 7 – 15. Graveyard

IMG_4021 - Version 2

This weekend we visited a friend in Ramsgate, Kent. Ramsgate is a seaside town. While we were there the house of Augustus Pugin (1812-1852) was open to the public. Pugin was an architect who designed among other things the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben in London. He spent his life trying to revive medieval Gothic architecture. The graveyard shown in the picture above was photographed from the tower in his house which was built in 1843/44. It had a prime site on the West Cliff. Nearby he also designed St Augustus  Church which houses the remains of St Augustus and is the burial place of Pugin who died at the early age of 40.

Below is a post of a long polychromed terracotta panel of the Stations of the Cross by Alois De Beule a Flemish sculptor.


I also include a photo of the harbour where we had a tasty breakfast overlooking the sea. While we were there, there was a street party which had antique, food and craft stalls staffed by locals in period costume. There was also great live music and people on stilts making balloons for the children.

IMG_4035 - Version 2 IMG_4031 - Version 2


Week 5 – 4. Bright Idea

First of all I apologise if I have not responded to anyone this week. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with it all. I shall have to get a system going and I need some time to explore all the possibilities on the Blog. Camera Club starts up next week and the Annual Exhibition is in November so I need to set time aside to process photos etc. You know what I mean!!!!! Chaos before the calm I think!

I have taken the easy way out this week. This was an entry for my Scavenger Hunt on FlickR for August.

The clue was “Bottled Up”. Hope you like it!!!

Bottled up

Bottled up