Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 35 – 41. Single Colour on Black and White


Finally taken the plunge. I have found two ways to do this. This is the second way. Hope it is good enough. This one used the Brush tool which I found easier to control. The other way used one of the selection tools but I found that a little more difficult and will need a bit more practice to make it work well for me.


The scene is at Borough Market in Central London near London Bridge and the Shard. The Market was a real treat since I am a’foodie’. Lots of organic produce on display as well as spices and bread. We had a great time looking round then choosing things to have a feast when we got home watching our favourite TV programme. It will definitely be a trip to repeat! I was very excited too. I have a real attraction to the Shard and this was my first visit near it. I have only seen it at a distance before. Below is a view of the Shard from the Market and a shot of the goodies we had for supper.

Borough Market

10 thoughts on “Week 35 – 41. Single Colour on Black and White

  1. Nice job! Still on my list…

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  2. I have yet to try this single color on B&W, thanks for being the trail blazer!
    Hope you enjoyed your goodies

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  3. Good job, Trudie. Keep up the good work.

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  4. fantastic! – great feeling of pride when you get something new done! … and the learning never seems to stop with this photography business!! – I think red is such a perfect color choice for this particular challenge – it really pops. Have I heard that you can make reservations and go to the top of the Shard? – now THAT would be some view. Oh the photos I wish I could go back to london for now that I know more about my camera.


    • Thanks. Yes, they have a viewing platform. On my wish list. I might treat myself for the Skyline Panorama. It is quite pricey. I am only 30 minutes train ride away from the centre of London. I need to go in with my camera more often. There is always so much going on, especially on the South Bank.


  5. I have yet to try this technique. You did very well.


  6. You did a great job! Love this photo!

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  7. Oops! Done it again. Pressed like on my own thread. Lol


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