Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge


Week 26 – 6. Backlit


We were given this Amaryllis at Christmas and it flowered beautifully in the sick room. Gave us all a splash of colour and joy. Could not resist this shot with the light behind it complete with cobweb.

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Week 25 – 37. Senior Hands


My Birthday Selfie. Definitely ‘Senior Hands”. Gradually accepting that the age spots and wrinkles and various other blemishes are OK. Shows the journey we have been on and add character to our bodies. Just glad to be alive at this age and looking forward to the adventures ahead of me!

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Week 24 – 46. The Colour Purple


Could not resist this for the clue. The colours are so “in your face” and garish even to the orange light. I loved it. Just so untasteful I could not believe I had composed it!

Sums up the roller coaster ride we have had with emotions, events, my language at times, the sheer horror of it all yet we have come through it stronger and wiser and closer as a family. Life is strange at times!


Week 23 – 14. Emotional


While she was in hospital the first time our daughter caught flu in that awful epidemic. We had to get all dressed with clothes etc to visit her. This is a selfie.

She was discharged to us to nurse as the hospital was so stretched and thankfully she got through it. Scary time …………. as scary as I look.

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Week 21 – 48. Urban Exploration



A view of the river towards Kingston on Thames. Out for a walk around Christmas.

I apologise for being missing for so long. Our daughter has been very sick and we have been nursing her at home between hospital admissions. It has been a busy time but she is still with us and recovering slowly. She will be staying with us probably for another 3 months until the next milestone is reached. I have managed to keep my photography going but not loading up or commenting. Now things are improving I am hoping to have more “me” time and get a bit of life back to normal.