Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge


Week 13 – 14. Four Letter Word

This week we had to have our chimney swept as we are having a new gas fire installed. The chimney sweep told us that the brush was sticking out the chimney and it was a sight too good to miss. Grabbed the camera as we went to see. Two of our grand children were with us for a sleepover.

The sweeping was a lot less of an event than it was when I was a child. There used to be soot everywhere. With modern machines it is just all vacuumed up. The sweep told us that the chimneys used to be swept in the Spring and that was the origin of Spring Cleaning.

When the fitter took the old heater off the wall and exposed the chimney there was a dead pigeon in the space. A few months ago there was a lot of noise in the chimney but it stopped so we thought whatever it was had gone away. We felt a bit sad that we had not investigated it then!  We may have rescued the poor pigeon.

My “four letter word” is “SOOT’.

IMG_4132 - Version 7


Week 12 – 2. Below the Knees

Ran out of inspiration this week. I took a photograph of my husbands ‘below the knees’ and decided to have a play with the filters in Photoshop. I have never attempted this before so I had a lovely time. It looks like I shall be wasting more time having fun soon.

I ended up with this image. I converted it to black and white using the newspaper option. Then I played around in ‘Poster Edges’ to get this result. Very basic but more interesting than my original.

Week 12 - 2. Below the Knees





Week 11 – 48. Sun Flare

I have been looking for a suitable subject for this theme all week. This was captured on the way home from shopping. The sun was just at the right angle to catch the flare through the trees in the road. I took some with the sun behind the chimneys but I liked the rainbow effect that this one gave. Not sure whether it did my eyes or the camera much good!

It was taken with a Canon Powershot S90 at f/4.9, 1/250 and ISO 160.


IMG_4072 - Version 2


Week 10 – 39. Shot through Glass

Just getting over a bout of bronchitis and as the weather has been wet and windy I have been at home. I revisited an old technique I have tried which I found in the book “Understanding Exposure” by Bryan Petersen, p 72 -73 for theme 39 – Shot through glass. It uses a glass bowl balanced on 2 bricks with oil scattered in the water. A colourful scarf was placed beneath the bowl on the ground. The camera was mounted on a tripod  pointing  down to shoot through the water. I used a 90mm Macro lens and the camera set at f2.8,1/100,ISO500 shot in natural early evening light. I processed the RAW image in iPhoto and cropped it to get the best composition.

I found this tutorial in YouTube which gives another variation using a table lamp. More possibilities for something to do indoors.


_MG_9788 - Version 2


Week 9 -46. Still Life

Week 9 - 46. Still Life


Moved onto my 90mm lens( the only other prime lens I have) and the start of a journey to try to develop my very basic skills into what I would like to become really good at. I found some black velvet for the background. Used the tripod and natural light and a helping hand. I tried to clone out some of the pollen and the slight bit of the helping hand at the bottom but they have altered how you do it in Elements 11 so I shall have to go and look at a tutorial. I did a bit of experimenting with f-stops, exposure compensation, shutter speed, manual focus and reflection. Gradually becoming unfrozen and enjoying trying new things. Next time I shall try using my remote control for the shutter and “Mirror locking up”. This is a dahlia, Bishop’s children I think, from our garden.