Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge


Week 4 – 39 Rainy Day

There have been lots of rainy days here over the last few weeks. I woke up on Monday to rain and a forecast that promised it was going to rain all day. I thought about The Carpenters song, ‘Rainy Days and Mondays’ so I looked it up. (sorry, I have tried to add the link but I cannot make it work! I have left it so you have the link if you want to use it the hard way!!!!)

So, what to do? Well a trip with my husband to do the grocery shopping and a cup of coffee seemed to fit the bill. So here we are in the coffee shop.

I hope your rainy days have changed into sunshine again. Ours are still going on but the garden is blooming again. The children will be glad to return to school next week if it continues!



Week 3 – 21. Industrial

This is one of the buildings I photographed in our walk. This is the Lloyd’s Building designed by Richard Rogers in 1986. The services were exposed on the outside of the building freeing up the interior.


                  f/7.1, shutter speed 1/100sec, ISO 100, Nik Silver Efex Pro 2


Week 2 – 43. Single Tree

This tree is in the middle of the City of London. I visited the City of London to take photos for a Modern Architecture project I was gathering information for. The walk we did was one advertised by the City of London Information Centre There were lots of examples to photograph and I now have to edit them and write up the details before I forget what they are! There were cranes and building going on everywhere.

I was on the lookout for examples for the Photo-a-week themes too. This was the only single tree I spotted. There were groups of three trees but not many single trees. I have forgotten what the building was behind it but it was a welcome respite from the tall buildings around it. There were certainly many examples of a ‘worm’s eye view’. 

Week 2 - 43 - Single Tree


Week 1. – 52. Yellow

Sunflowers are one of my favourite flowers and we usually have a bed of them in the garden with a selection of varieties in it. As well as their bright colours and watching how high they grow, when it comes to seed time the squirrels give us amusement as they climb to eat the seeds or store them for the winter. All you can see is the sunflower suddenly bending as if by itself before you spot the squirrel climbing the stalk. This year the sunflowers are thin on the ground so this is the only one that has grown to any kind of glory!  I like the tousled look it has. It was a very windy day and it took a while to wait for a still moment.

Week 1. - 52. Yellow

Canon S90 f/2.00 1/1600 ISO 100. Vignette filter from Nik Collection applied.