Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge


Week 10 – Close up/Macro


This is within a crystal bowl. The bowl has a pattern etched on it and this was the effect I produced when I went in close. I added to it further by using a mosaic filter.




Week 9. – 34. Reflections


This is the Lloyds Building in the City of London. It is photographed so often that I was trying to get a different image. I was struck by the repetitive reflections in the adjacent building.

I spent a worthwhile visit there with a colleague from the Camera Club. A Walk I am sure I will repeat many times because of the wealth of photographic opportunities.


Week 8 – 18. Forms in Nature


I could not resist posting both these images.

I look forward to gathering the “conkers” at this time of year. They bring memories of playing as a child and threading them on string and trying to smash an opponent’s to smitherines! Then taking our children to see them develope on the trees and fall to be gathered. The delight in opening them up to see if they were ready. And finally helping them to thread their “conkers” on to string to play with their friends. Then having to console them when their prize “conker” was finally shattered. Great memories.

The second shell lives in our bathroom and it was the choice for a recent “365”. It was photographed by candlelight which gave it the warm glow. This one was purchased in Oulton Broad in Suffolk where we used to live. It has survived many “listening for the sea” holds by our sons and daughters. I grew up by the sea which is why it has been cherished all these years. I believe it is the Millipede Spider Conch (Lambis (Millepes) milliepeda) Family: Strombidae