Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge


Week12 -16.Macro/Close up


This is a part of a poppy sculpture to commemorate the First World War which is situated in Teddington High Street near to the River Thames there. There is an interesting lock there too.

It was difficult to isolate it from the busy urban background but I managed one against the white sky. I only had my 50mm lens with me so it was me that was close to it with the lens wide open.


Week 10 -11. Four


Leopards are the ¬†emblem of the Sackvilles at Knole Park. They show up everywhere. On the Stairs, the buildings, tapestries and paintings. These ones are on the roof of the Gatehouse Tower. I choose this shot with ‘Four ‘ in mind. There were leopards all around the roof of the buildings.

We climbed 77 steep, worn steps to get this view. It was easier on the way down!

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Week9 – 38 Street Scene


This is another “Oor Wullie” statue taken in the main shopping street in Broughty Ferry where I grew up. It looks small now that I am an adult. A typical shopping day with pedestrians and cars and busyness. There were a few stares at me taking pictures – not done in Broughty Ferry. Nice to be a visitor and not bother too much. Now I am a little older I am not sure I would be recognised anyway!