Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge


Week 10 – 39. Shot through Glass

Just getting over a bout of bronchitis and as the weather has been wet and windy I have been at home. I revisited an old technique I have tried which I found in the book “Understanding Exposure” by Bryan Petersen, p 72 -73 for theme 39 – Shot through glass. It uses a glass bowl balanced on 2 bricks with oil scattered in the water. A colourful scarf was placed beneath the bowl on the ground. The camera was mounted on a tripod  pointing  down to shoot through the water. I used a 90mm Macro lens and the camera set at f2.8,1/100,ISO500 shot in natural early evening light. I processed the RAW image in iPhoto and cropped it to get the best composition.

I found this tutorial in YouTube which gives another variation using a table lamp. More possibilities for something to do indoors.


_MG_9788 - Version 2