Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 36 – 22. It’s a mystery


I am sure the birds were confused when we put a chocolate egg in the bird feeder during the Easter Egg Hunt! They were probably saying “What is this”?”it’s a mystery to me!”

Hope you all had a good Easter. I was aiming to take a photograph of the ‘family table’ but it all went a bit chaotic. I cannot remember what my meal tasted like! What a waste! We had a full house so we had 16 bodies to feed and sit!

We had our usual Egg painting and easter Egg Hunt. Our daughter did one of my husband with cotton wool for his hair. I think we all had a great time.


4 thoughts on “Week 36 – 22. It’s a mystery

  1. Ok now how do we eat this thing?

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  2. Nice job on this! I, too am having difficulty with a Theme that I thought would be easy – Family Table. Well, I still have a few months to go…

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  3. Lol that is really good and I’m also having trouble with this one!

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  4. I wonder if the birds knew the bunny left it? LOL

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