Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge


Week 30 -40. Rusty


This is the barbecue which is suffering from old age and exposure to the elements. The cement cube is all that remains from a concrete “sculpture” which our son made for his Foundation course many years ago. It was a concrete slab with a print of a curve between the floors of a carpark and he made the letters to show the date in roman numerals. (That could be for ‘memories’).

I like the colours and patterns rust makes.

Finally caught up. I will go and catch up with my comments now. Thanks for your commitment and the memories from last year which has kept me going.



Week 29 – 47. The Eye

One of our grandchildren was born on Valentine’s Day. To celebrate on her weekend Mum, her 3 daughters and her niece and Grannie went shopping. This is her older sister on Valentine’s Day wearing her hat from the shopping trip! She arranged her hair so that only one eye was showing. Got my photo I thought!

It was a great occasion. Her godmother and 2 sons came all the way from Scotland to see her and this was taken at a family breakfast at the local Garden Centre. It was great to see all the families celebrating there.




Week 28 – 12. Diamonds

We discovered a small cemetery near where we go for a coffee at one of the local Garden Centres. I did not take many pictures of graves – I always feel as if I am intruding. However there were plenty of other shapes and fences and interesting light to photograph.

This bauble, which I am offering as a entry for ‘diamonds’ was suspended on a tree in the middle of the Cemetery along with several other glass baubles. They looked endearing and caught the light in many different ways.



Week 27 – 45. Spooky


This is called the ‘Spooky Tree’. It is in the Pachesham Equestrian Centre in Surrey where I go to see a friend who is an osteopath and practices there. The tree is a local feature and of course looks different depending on the time of year, the weather and the time of day. My friend has grown up with it so no doubt she and her brother have lots of stories about it! It certainly is quite impressive and scary in the dark.


Week 26 -18. Hidden from View

We were visiting Ewell Court House and I was busy with my camera getting some pictures for the Themes. We were approached by a gentleman who told us a bit of the history of the House.

In the Guide it says “Ewell Court House started its life over 300 years ago. In 1790, as Avenue House, it was used by the Bridges family, owner  of the gunpowder mills situated along the Hogsmill River, to house their managers.

In 1875, after the mills had closed, John Henry Bridges commissioned a programme of extension and modernisation to create a house suitable for a Victorian gentleman with a young bride.

After the death of his father in 1892 John Henry undertook further building works to create a house suitable for entertaining. That house remains today.

Eventually, with 9 children and up to six servants, space was at a premium. In 1900 the rear extension, which now accommodates the Public Library, was added. (We were told Mr Bridges did not like the noise the older children made! Seems some things do not change.)

The Bridges family sold Ewell Court House in 1920 to the Stoddart family who remained in residence until 1935 when, with the majority of the grounds already sold for housing development, it was sold to Epsom and Ewell Borough Council.

During World War 11 the house was used as a centre for Civil Defence. A large underground air-raid shelter remains.

Today it is the centre of the Ewell Court community, used for social activities, weddings and parties.”

He also told us about a grotto that was found and reclaimed and it is the subject of the image I have chosen for the above theme.

He was the Chairman of Ewell Court House Organisation (ECHO) which was started by local residents in 2003 to oppose the Council’s plans to dispose of the House for conversion to residential use. They were successful and today ECHO have promoted community events including Open Air Carols at Christmas, an Ice Rink, Craft fairs, Concerts and entertainments. They have raised funds to preserve features such as the island in the middle of the lake which is a breeding ground for ducks, geese and swans. There is a cinema club opening soon so lots going on which we were unaware of. There is a Library and Clinic on site and a charming Garden Nursery and cafe.



The grotto hidden from view.


Ewell Court House


One of the swans having a stretch.