Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge


Week 17 -48 Three of a kind.

These are our 3 grand daughters of our second daughter. We 
look after them on Saturdays so they had fun with the crystal ball and posed for my photograph. More fun I am sure and 

There is a story attached to the crystal ball. Our son and 
other grand daughter were visiting and I was telling them 
about the crystal ball. They thought I had finally lost it. 
However, there was a knock on the door........... Good old 
Amazon had delivered my crystal ball and they thought that wasvery spooky!

Crystal Ball Portrait


Week 16 -25. Low Key

This is my first try at Low-Key and I challenged myself to get it right in camera. The lighting was just a desk lamp and of course my black velvet skirt. I am not sure if this is too dark but the next lightest is too light. I did not allow myself to edit it either. There is a lovely low key option in the Nik collection but first things first!

This a rose named Superstar and there is one remaining bunch in bloom. The latest we have had roses I think.




Week 15. – A1 – A Kiss

This is another image taken on the Walk in the City of London. There is a roof top terrace opposite the St Paul’s dome. A spectacular place to have a kiss. This was one of the images selected to be hung at the Camera Club Exhibition. That one is in colour. I thought it would make a good Black and White one too. I called it, with my tongue in my cheek ‘Kiss in the City’.

Trudie Callan_Kiss in the City


Week 14 – 36. Out of Focus

Not much to say about this. Each year I grow these flowers, Helichrysum, everlasting flowers from seed. I have not seen them to buy in flower shops. The other everlasting flower I grow from seed is Statice. I can usually save them for a while for indoor flower arrangements but it has been so wet this year I think I may have missed the boast. I was not sure about this topic. Hope I have interpreted it OK. The border is from the Nik Collection.

Week 13 - 36. Out of Focus


Week 12 – 32. Night time

Not the image I expected to add for this theme but relevant, I think. On our way back from a family outing to see my photos which were hung at our Annual Camera Club Exhibition, our grand daughter spotted this leaf on the gravel near the car. The image was taken with my Compac camera with the light from the street lamps.


 f/2, 1/20, ISO 3200, no flash