Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge


Week 46 -4. Biggest Fear


While attending a Convention in a modern Church premises, I was struck by the symbolism of this nail piercing the Lectern. My biggest fear is that if I had been present at the time of Jesus’ crucifixion, I would have behaved as all his followers did and deserted him too.


Week 45 -38. Powerful


This is the keyboard for the organ in the All Saints Church in central Kingston-on-Thames.

The Camera Club had an exhibition there during this month. While I was stewarding there, I was treated to an Organ Recital. Wow! There was some powerful sound coming out of the organ pipes. It was an unexpected bonus to my time there. It was Al’s Ordination Anniversary so it was a fitting tribute to him! They served some lovely coffee at the Cafe too.


Week 43 – 24. Loud Noises

Week 43-24.Loud Noises

I have struggled with this one. I could not get my head round trying to convey something audible in a visual form. However, I was passing this Bowling Alley in the right week and the penny dropped. The Alley is very near us and is one which hosts National and International games. It has a carpark below it and the noise of the bowls coming through the roof is deafening. It sounds as if the bowls are going to come through and land on the car. It has been a good venue from time to time for family outings and birthdays etc. The young folks enjoy competing with the ‘oldies’.


Week 42 -34. OMG


On a visit to Strawberry Hill House, I was knocked back by the colours on the walls. The House is designed in the Gothic Style and the restorers have made the original paints in the Gothic colours and they are stunning. This room has the real ‘Wow’ factor as you enter it. They had beautiful rich blues, purples and greens. All designed and rebuilt to Howard Walpole’s specification as he wanted it by the River Thames and this was the only property he could find. The present restoration cost ¬£10 million.