Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge


Week 22 – 28. – Natural Beauty

We had a really sharp frost a few mornings ago. I noticed the beautiful frost patterns on the car aerial of our son’s car.

I grabbed my camera and experimented with a few shots and managed to get some of it. I am glad I did as it disappeared very quickly as the sun came out.

Happy New Year everyone and best wishes to you and yours for 2015.

28. Natural Beauty


Week 21 – 23. Lampposts

Out doing the last Christmas shop. Two days after the “longest day” and it has been very dark all day. These are the lamp posts outside the place where we shop. I have used them with sunsets ¬†showing through them with orange light but just the dark backlit light today. Looking forward to our family from Australia arriving. We are all excited. I wish you the love, peace and joy of the Christmas season and will remember you at Midnight Mass. Happy Christmas!

IMG_4205 - Version 3


Week 20 – 16. Group Portraits

Reading the blogs of others who have used this theme, I can appreciate the difficulties they encountered. Our grand daughter was singing carols in the local Shopping Centre so I thought it would be a good opportunity for the image below. I walked all round the group trying to get the best composition. When it came to edit it there were all the difficulties you described – eyes closed, unwanted people in the shot, no-one looking at the camera etc. This was the best I could do with a bit of cropping and vignetting. It was great to hear them sing and I am sure the shoppers enjoyed the carols. Our grand daughter is the girl with the reindeer antlers!



Week 19 – A3 Doors and/or Windows

Another busy week as I am sure you all are. Started out with some photos of statues from the garden. They were a bit mediocre so I tried to do things with them in Elements filters. Not very good. When I was taking photos of the statues I was drawn to the geraniums which are still flowering like mad in the garage. Our eldest son, now 44 paint sprayed ‘Hi Mum’ outside my kitchen window when he was in his teens. The combination of the geraniums and the graffiti got me thinking. Came up with the image below with the stained glass filter. Looks better enlarged (double click).

Stained glass


Week 18 – 44. Someone Working.

This must my most eventful entry yet. Pushing my luck a bit with leaving it until the last minute, I decided to take a picture of my husband painting the living room. Our son is coming to us for Christmas with his family from Australia. So we are busy doing all these little jobs we keep putting off!

Taking the picture I was all into getting all the detail in, with or without flash, point of view, composition etc and stepped into the emulsion tray!!!!!! Emulsion up my trouser leg, on the wall, my shoes. What a mess!

How’s that for commitment! Lol!

IMG_9855 - Version 2