Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge


Week 43 – 42. Skyline panorama

This is the view from a car park in KIngston on Thames. Not a very inspiring one but what I saw from the highest point I could think of on the day. I had all sorts of ideas for this – the London Eye, The Shard but plumped for the near and dear in the end.

I used the Photomerge option in Elements 11 using 6 images.



Week 42 – 32. Painting with light

This is my first attempt at long exposure using glow sticks. It was quite difficult in the limited space in the garden. My husband once again helped. This is the most colourful although a bit close to the camera.

I appreciate how much effort and knowhow went into the ones I have already viewed from other members!

I tried a bit of editing too to reduce the noise and enhance the colours. I used Nik Color Efec. Another first. The horizons are widening.

It is interesting how difficult it is to get darkness in urban life. The neighbours lights in their windows were difficult to avoid.

Sorry it is late. I have been out and about more so more pictures to process and a few deadlines to meet. Catching up now.

24.Long Exposure


Week 41 – Fences and Rails

These fences, in that they stop bicycles etc. coming straight down the decline and the rails up the wall are on a subway beneath the busy A3 road near where I live. They have decorated the walls with coloured tiles to dissuade the graffiti artists from using them as their canvas. They have introduced road crossings as people were afraid of using the subways after dark. I had a great time cleaning up all the paint splashes and cigarette butts in the editing programme but it still looks a bit unloved. I also had another tinker with the editing programme’s filters. Did not find any that suited the image. I also had a try at framing it with an “Image Framer” app. I downloaded this week but ended up doing a simple frame in Elements. I am enjoying exploring and getting to know the resources I have!

Rails and fences


Week 40 – 21. It happens over time

My long suffering husband has been recruited for my exercises in finding things out about aperture this week. He is very patient and supportive. Looking at the portraits I have taken of him this week, it made me realise that we had known each other for over 50 years! Where did the time go? When did we become mature? I remember when I was getting concerned about the lines and wrinkles on my face, he said “Ah! But these lines and wrinkles are all the things we have experienced together”. Wise man! In my eyes, he is still the man I met all these years ago even though he has got a bit weather beaten over the years! (f5.6,1/80, ISO 200).

It Happens Over Time


Week 39 – 24. Long Exposure

Last week I was fortunate to see the Sony World Photo Awards at Somerset House with a friend. Great Exhibition and got lost in the slideshow showing Elliott Erwitt’s work.

Still working on putting the “Understanding Exposure” by Bryan Peterson into practice and although I only had my Compac camera with me I set it on f/8 since I thought that may be the best available aperture for most situations. I took this one for a Colour Project. I knew the camera was not fast enough to freeze the motion of the skate boarder but I did not ‘twig’ that the lower shutter speed at this f/stop in low light conditions would give me a nice blurred ghost of him! So not an intentional long exposure shot but hope it is enough to qualify for the theme. ( f/8, 1/13, ISO 100)

My husband has been asking awkward questions about what I am reading and practising so it has been useful to have to repeat my learning and his questions have led me to research things I did not know how to explain. I was not sure where the shutter or the aperture were or how to define a f/stop!! I have found out that my shutter is in the camera body and I think the aperture is within the lens. I wish I had taken science at school. It is all new to me and I like to understand what I am doing. I am getting there but it is painful at times.

Week 39, Long Exposure