Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge


Week 3 – 23. If Flowers Could Talk

Week 3.17

Another sunflower. The sunflower bed is doing well this year. Taller than usual and a great variety this year.

If this flower could talk, I think it would be saying, “Look at me. Wake up. Enjoy life.” They are such joyful flowers to me. They light up my world. Then when they die and the seeds come they still bring a smile to my face with the antics the squirrels get up to harvesting the seeds. I am so glad our garden can make them grow.


Week 1 – 30. One Week with Three Shapes


Spotted these shapes in the egg box – cone, circle and oblong.

Not sure if I have been successful with setting up this year! I have still to add the themes and check I have added all the bloggers. Will check before next week and complete the new page.

Glad to be back on track a bit. Summer holidays with grand children and visitors has knocked my ‘me’ time out. Looking forward to seeing all your images. Thank you Mary Nell for setting it up again. Good luck to everyone and have a ‘fun’ year.