Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge


Week 22 -15. Pareidolia

Pareidolia – Faces in Everyday Places.

Sorry I cannot manage to fit it all into the title. Another thing to fathom out!

The venue for this is in Claremont Gardens  – a National Trust property nearby. The tree has lots of nodules on it which lend itself to all kinds of faces. See how many you can find!

The Gardens have a natural amphitheatre which is used for concerts. There is a children’s playground and there are different trails and events at different times of the year. It is a pleasant place to stroll round and to take photographs. There are several species of swans, ducks and geese on the lake. There is a tearoom and shop too.

KSC _6


Week 21 -A Worm’s View

With Christmas fast approaching and the the schools all doing their nativity plays and carol singing, we were treated to a splendid performance at three of our grand children’s school. This is the ‘worm’s view’ of the roof of the church where it was held. As I was listening to the children’s voices I imagined this was one of the stars. The focus of the camera was indeed soft but added to my imaginings! It set us up for the last hectic week of preparations and reminded us what it is all about. I am sure there were many a wet eye during the nativity play.

Week 21

Happy Christmas to you all and I wish you all you wish for yourselves and your loved ones in 2016.


Week 19 – 10. Dawn’s Light

Nearly caught up. This is taken in the current week but was not planned! Serendipity!

At this time of year it is easy for me to make images of early morning light. I am not a morning person usually. When I looked out of our bedroom window on Tuesday, there was a lovely dawn with grey clouds and pink light. Grabbed my camera and made a few shots before it went.

Week 19 - 10. Dawn's light



Week 18 – 7. Circle in a Square

This is Queen Victoria on an arch built to commemorate her Jubilee. It is in my Home town and I spent many a happy time running under it. I was blissfully unaware of her as I played my childhood games.

I am still not up to speed with the practice. I want to get back to choosing a theme and doing it that week. I am very grateful that I have material already taken to get over the ‘whatever’ I am in.

Week 18 - 7. Circle in a Square