Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge


Week 28 – 3. Abandoned


Our grand daughter’s teddy which was ‘abandoned’ in the room she used for sleepovers with Grannie and Grandad. Sadly she does not sleep over so often as she is now a ‘teenager’ and has sleepovers with her friends now. However ‘Teddy’ is now on our daughter’s bed as she is staying with us and she enjoys cuddling him. These beloved teddies skip generations and become much loved. This one has gone back a generation too.


Week 27. – 31 Outside looking in


Visiting our daughter, I spotted her husband in the garage in the garage so I crept up and snapped him before he noticed. I was ‘outside looking in’ before he spotted me. A quiet time away from the family and the noisy puppies!


Week 1 – 30. One Week with Three Shapes


Spotted these shapes in the egg box – cone, circle and oblong.

Not sure if I have been successful with setting up this year! I have still to add the themes and check I have added all the bloggers. Will check before next week and complete the new page.

Glad to be back on track a bit. Summer holidays with grand children and visitors has knocked my ‘me’ time out. Looking forward to seeing all your images. Thank you Mary Nell for setting it up again. Good luck to everyone and have a ‘fun’ year.


Week 17 -48 Three of a kind.

These are our 3 grand daughters of our second daughter. We 
look after them on Saturdays so they had fun with the crystal ball and posed for my photograph. More fun I am sure and 

There is a story attached to the crystal ball. Our son and 
other grand daughter were visiting and I was telling them 
about the crystal ball. They thought I had finally lost it. 
However, there was a knock on the door........... Good old 
Amazon had delivered my crystal ball and they thought that wasvery spooky!

Crystal Ball Portrait