Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge


Week 26 – 6. Backlit


We were given this Amaryllis at Christmas and it flowered beautifully in the sick room. Gave us all a splash of colour and joy. Could not resist this shot with the light behind it complete with cobweb.


Week 28 – 48. Topless


These three bottles were purchased as a prop for future photographic projects. While I was thinking about how to use them, this theme came to mind so here it is. One bottle is “topless”.

Lots of new techniques to explore – bubbles, lighting, home studio, with liquid or without, flower vases, refraction. They will entertain and aid learning and discovering I am sure!





Week12 -16.Macro/Close up


This is a part of a poppy sculpture to commemorate the First World War which is situated in Teddington High Street near to the River Thames there. There is an interesting lock there too.

It was difficult to isolate it from the busy urban background but I managed one against the white sky. I only had my 50mm lens with me so it was me that was close to it with the lens wide open.


Week 42 -34. OMG


On a visit to Strawberry Hill House, I was knocked back by the colours on the walls. The House is designed in the Gothic Style and the restorers have made the original paints in the Gothic colours and they are stunning. This room has the real ‘Wow’ factor as you enter it. They had beautiful rich blues, purples and greens. All designed and rebuilt to Howard Walpole’s specification as he wanted it by the River Thames and this was the only property he could find. The present restoration cost ¬£10 million.