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Photo-a-Week Challenge

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Week 24 – 46. The Colour Purple


Could not resist this for the clue. The colours are so “in your face” and garish even to the orange light. I loved it. Just so untasteful I could not believe I had composed it!

Sums up the roller coaster ride we have had with emotions, events, my language at times, the sheer horror of it all yet we have come through it stronger and wiser and closer as a family. Life is strange at times!



Week 11 – 4. Aged/Ageing


Two shots at the theme. The ageing leaves with their beautiful autumn colour and the rusting wall behind. These were taken at our local IKEA store.

I took some  images of the leaves on the way into the store but on the way out the light was much better and really brought out the colour.

I am particularly partial to the wall/fence behind them. Each visit I take photographs as it rusts beautifully. i am a sucker for rust and this wall is a joy to photograph.


Week35. 28. Repeating Patterns


Having fun again. I have collected many glass bottles and vases and found different graphical paper in many shades and designs so I am looking forward to a play with them all. This is the first session.

I have caught up uploading but I am still behind with commenting. I am away in Scotland for a few days but I will catch up on return next week.


Week 32 – 8. Differences

I spotted these on a trip through Kingston. Using the different colours for the eggs was eye-catching.

I took a couple of pictures of the buskers there today but they were not as good as I wanted. I also took

some daffodil and crocus for “Forced Perspective” I thought but was not sure if I had got it. More reading.


IMG_4385 - Version 2

One of the buskers. I had to give them money since I took their photograph.

IMG_4382 - Version 2