Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge


Week 10 – Close up/Macro


This is within a crystal bowl. The bowl has a pattern etched on it and this was the effect I produced when I went in close. I added to it further by using a mosaic filter.





Week 9. – 34. Reflections


This is the Lloyds Building in the City of London. It is photographed so often that I was trying to get a different image. I was struck by the repetitive reflections in the adjacent building.

I spent a worthwhile visit there with a colleague from the Camera Club. A Walk I am sure I will repeat many times because of the wealth of photographic opportunities.


Week 1 – 30. One Week with Three Shapes


Spotted these shapes in the egg box – cone, circle and oblong.

Not sure if I have been successful with setting up this year! I have still to add the themes and check I have added all the bloggers. Will check before next week and complete the new page.

Glad to be back on track a bit. Summer holidays with grand children and visitors has knocked my ‘me’ time out. Looking forward to seeing all your images. Thank you Mary Nell for setting it up again. Good luck to everyone and have a ‘fun’ year.


Week 17 -9. Closely Cropped


Tried a “selfie” for this week and was horrified by the reality of a straight unflattering shot. Spent a pleasant few hours playing with make-up then shooting the image in difference poses and lighting and finally putting it through the editing for portraits in Elements and Silver Efex. I cropped it in as closely as possible to get rid of unsightly wrinkles and to get the emphasis on the eyes. Had a haircut that week too so another closely cropped.


Week 50 – 11. Descending

Week 50

We arrived in Plymouth in a small ferry boat from Cawsand where we were staying. it was a very atmospheric journey through sea mist. When we arrived at the Tourist office, they advised us to walk along the cliff top to the newer part of the town. This is one of the paths which descended to a swimming pool at sea level. It was well worth the effort of walking. There were magnificent views of the sea.


Week 35 – 26. Mealtime

My daughter’s dog, Ivy had a litter of 8 puppies. She is a Black Labrador, gun dog. She had 5 ¬†boys and 3 girls. They go off to their new homes this weekend. All have been sold.

We have all had great fun with them and it has been a delight to see them grow up in this time. I have been amused at Ivy’s forbearance when they are feeding. She barely has a chance to lie down! This image below is I hope one of the last ‘mealtimes’ she will have to endure. I apologise for the quality of the image since it was through a very dirty window. What amused me was, as they are now older and bigger, they feed from her standing up anywhere they can get their mouths on her. In this one you may just be able to see, she was practically doing the splits with her back legs! Poor Ivy! I am sure she will miss her puppies but I think she will be relieved to get her life back too.

Week 35-26.Mealtime



Week 25 – 1. Part of Me

Had a trip to Chichester for my birthday. Thought I should take a Birthday picture of myself. This was taken in our bedroom using the table lamp with clothing to diffuse the light. Only part of me – too many wrinkles stopped me doing full face!


Canon S90, f/7.1,1/8,ISO 3200,Focal length 6.omm. Light from table lamp with clothing to diffuse it.