Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge


Week 10 – Close up/Macro


This is within a crystal bowl. The bowl has a pattern etched on it and this was the effect I produced when I went in close. I added to it further by using a mosaic filter.




Week35. 28. Repeating Patterns


Having fun again. I have collected many glass bottles and vases and found different graphical paper in many shades and designs so I am looking forward to a play with them all. This is the first session.

I have caught up uploading but I am still behind with commenting. I am away in Scotland for a few days but I will catch up on return next week.


Week 28 – 12. Diamonds

We discovered a small cemetery near where we go for a coffee at one of the local Garden Centres. I did not take many pictures of graves – I always feel as if I am intruding. However there were plenty of other shapes and fences and interesting light to photograph.

This bauble, which I am offering as a entry for ‘diamonds’ was suspended on a tree in the middle of the Cemetery along with several other glass baubles. They looked endearing and caught the light in many different ways.