Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge


Week 29 -40. The good old days


This a drinking fountain situated at Robin Hood Gate at Richmond Park. We went for a walk with our U3A Walking Group this week. I was struck about the amount of detail they had added to this drinking fountain. It reminded me of days gone by when there were such things. From Robin Hood Gate to Petersham Gate where we ended our walk was approximately 4 miles so it was a good workout. We saw deer and squirrels and birds. Cyclists, runners and walkers all use the tracks. We had a coffee on the way round so it was very civilised. Richmond Park, Wimbledon Common and the local river, the Hogsmill have provided us with interesting walks within easy bus-ride-reach from where we all live.


Week 30 -40. Rusty


This is the barbecue which is suffering from old age and exposure to the elements. The cement cube is all that remains from a concrete “sculpture” which our son made for his Foundation course many years ago. It was a concrete slab with a print of a curve between the floors of a carpark and he made the letters to show the date in roman numerals. (That could be for ‘memories’).

I like the colours and patterns rust makes.

Finally caught up. I will go and catch up with my comments now. Thanks for your commitment and the memories from last year which has kept me going.