Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 14 – 11. Diptych or Triptch


bridge tryptch

This Tryptch is of the Firth of Forth Road Bridges in Scotland taken from the Rail Bridge. The centre image has all 3 bridges since there is a girder of the Rail Bridge showing in it too. The second Road Bridge opened this year. The bridge joins Edinburgh with the county of Fife. The volume of traffic up and down the East coast of Scotland was so heavy that another Road Bridge was needed.

I struggled with this one. I tried several instructions but got nowhere. I could not fathom them out. I remembered I made a Zone ruler on a course I did and that was an easy way to follow and do.




3 thoughts on “Week 14 – 11. Diptych or Triptch

  1. great job – I havent tackled this yet.

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  2. I stopped there on my trip, but not where you stopped and saw all three bridges – but it was pouring so it was not conducive to taking a photo. I did get the sign by the snack place which was hysterical.

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