Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 6 – 15. f/4 or lower



We visited Poole recently. It is on the south coast of England. Famous for its pottery, it also has a marine interest. Several ferries go from here to the Isle of Wight, Bournemouth and Brownsea Island. This was one of the alley ways on the way down to the seashore. We had a look at this one and the older buildings in the courtyard look as if they have been there a long time. Have not looked up their history yet.


3 thoughts on “Week 6 – 15. f/4 or lower

  1. I bet that would be pretty spooky on a dark, moonless night. Otherwise, the image makes me want to walk through the walkway.

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  2. love it – nicely done. Whitby has a lot of little narrow streets.

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  3. I didn’t get to Poole, but as Patricia said – Whiby has those narrow streets. I like the look.

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