Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 52 – A5 Seasonal



We plant out Sunflowers every year which I grow from seed. This is the first of the year. I always look forward to their cheerful colours and the entertainment they provide in the Autumn when the squirrels feast on the seeds.

Thank you all for your inspiration, your encouragement and the knowledge you share both with the photographic techniques you describe and the information about the location and subjects of the images. I look forward to another year.


8 thoughts on “Week 52 – A5 Seasonal

  1. WELL DONE! – you did all of them!! I love this sunflower – I’ve always wanted to try and grow one. So sharp – just fabulous. I’m afraid I probably wont quite get it done … not happy with myself!


  2. Ah but all of your posts are fabulous. Next year………….


  3. Beautiful Trudie, wish I had space to plant sunflowers, they are so cheerful. Looking forward to another year of your photos!

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  4. Love sunflowers. You’re fortunate to have them close to you.

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  5. Fantastic shot of a sunflower! The coloring is spectacular!

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  6. I also love sunflowers but afraid I do not have a green thumb.

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