Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week30 – 13. Infrared



I usually imagine “infrared” with black and white images. When I looked on line there were examples of coloured infrared images too. I used  the “Infrared” filter in Color Efex Pro 4 in the Nik Collection for this one. The image was originally orange. The filter has deepened the colour and brought out the texture of the bowl. Nice to have an opportunity to experiment with the filters. I shall have a go with other images now that I have broken the ice.

8 thoughts on “Week30 – 13. Infrared

  1. You have taught me something as I, like you, thought infrared was only black and white.

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  2. Learn something new everyday, still need to experiment with this theme.


  3. Lots of examples to choose from! Enjoy!


  4. Just lovely. Infrared can be fun and it looks like you did have fun with this!

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  5. Well I never knew that either! – still learning!!

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  6. A very interesting application of infrared and a good challenge!


  7. Have fun with the infrared. Nice start


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