Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 26 – 45. Underneath



We visited RAF Hendon this week and this is one of the aircraft we saw from ‘underneath’. It was a good experience and we saw many planes of all ages. The displays and write up were very interesting. The food was good too. We went by coach so it was a relaxing day for my husband too. RAF Hendon brings together planes long since gone and gives a comprehensive history of aviation.

Here is a link for anyone interested in finding more about the Museum

I was aware for the first time just how the mothers and wives must have felt when their loved ones were away in the war and how much the airmen sacrificed for our freedom. I wondered how the airmen coped after the war with the dreadful things they had to take part in and what they endured. And indeed how our forces still give so much.

5 thoughts on “Week 26 – 45. Underneath

  1. Your writing about your picture was quite interesting — Our military persons are truly heroes — Interesting picture — I would bet you took many other pics —


  2. I did take many pics. There were people older than me who had first hand experience of loved ones living through the war or not. It was the first time I got near to feeling it.


  3. ahh, those touching images of previous generations’ trials. Those planes saved a lot of lives and the memory of those who gave their lives protecting our way of live should never be forgotten. Nice capture.


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