Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 24 -17. Misplaced/lost/missing piece



Why is it that when you take the Christmas decorations down, no matter how hard you check, there is always one piece that gets left behind? You only discover it, of course, when you have put the decorations away in the loft for next year!!

This year, we left the Santa Claus costume for the wine bottle, which one of our daughters gave us for Christmas, behind. What have you left behind this year?


4 thoughts on “Week 24 -17. Misplaced/lost/missing piece

  1. What a neat wine bottle cover. Putting away decorations is indeed a big job!

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  2. Ha! This has happened to me in years past!

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  3. Nice to know other people have this happen — Cute pic! 1

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  4. A stocking my Mom fixed & I forgot she had it.

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