Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 6 – Waiting



Our grand daughter was competing in her first Gymnastics competition last weekend. Here she is ‘looking up’ while waiting her turn on the beam. She was second overall in her Group and within the Group competition she was first for her floor work. She has been singled out to train for top competitions for her Club.

8 thoughts on “Week 6 – Waiting

  1. nicely captured, love the intensity on her face!

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  2. She definitely has the look of a winner. (So blasted cute!)

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  3. They are so cute! Our future Olympians.

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  4. Look out Olympians, here she comes! What a great opportunity for this terrific shot!

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  5. How great. I enjoyed my competitions when I was young. She seems to like it.

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  6. what a character she looks!! cute!

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  7. Adorable! She is the only one paying attention lol!


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