Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 52 – 17. Gate



This is the gate to the premises we use for our Camera Club meetings. It is all locked up for the summer. I thought it was appropriate as this is my last submission for the 2015/2016 Photo-a-Week.

Thank you everyone for the entertainment of seeing and admiring the  entries over the weeks. You are all such gifted photographers and I am honoured to be in the same group with you.

I apologise for my lateness on occasions. Life is not being very kind to us at the moment but I am so blessed to have such a hobby to give me hope and sanity. I can forget about our troubles when I am behind the lens.

Looking forward to another year. I will try to keep up this year!

week 52


6 thoughts on “Week 52 – 17. Gate

  1. Great end to a fun year! Looking forward to your future posts!

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  2. they really DON’T want you in there do they! – look at those spikes. I’m sorry to hear you’re having a rough patch … see you next year – ie next week!!! (I still have one more to do for this year!)


  3. A truly appropriate entry for the closing of the 2015-2016 ‘Challenge’. I can identify with your thoughts about immersing oneself in photography — it is a great way to ‘leave all the worries behind’ !

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  4. Good ending. Hope your year improves…. have enjoyed your photos.


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