Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 37 – 27. Memories




I came across this iron when we replaced our last one when it blew up! It is similar to one I used to use as a teenager. My Mum was an invalid during my teenage years and I helped with household chores. One of my jobs was the ironing, which I hated, especially my Dad’s shirts. Using this one is a pleasure and I enjoy using it. Good to get in touch with these resentful memories and replace them with good ones!

8 thoughts on “Week 37 – 27. Memories

  1. Your post made me smile because it also brought back memories of my “job” as a young girl. Unlike you, however, I always enjoyed ironing my brothers’ and Dad’s shirts, mainly because it kept me from having to do chores inside the house. We had a covered back porch and Mother would let me put the iron and ironing board out there when I ironed. I always took great pride in the way their shirts looked because my Dad would always praise me about the good job. We did not have a steam iron so I had to “sprinkle” the shirts and place them in a pillow case prior to ironing. To this day, I still enjoy ironing! Sorry to take up so much space on your remarks section; however, your post brought back such pleasant memories to me.

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  2. I loved ironing when I was a child, my job was to iron my dad’s handkerchiefs. My mom would keep the damp in the refrigerator so they were easier to iron. I actually still enjoy ironing it is very soothing to me.


    • I remember dampening down the clothes to iron. I too used to sprinkle them with water, roll them up and give them a good thump to help the water absorb.The refrigerator is a brilliant one. Thanks for the good memories.

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  3. I have two of these. One for clothes and one for mounting photos from years ago. That one was also used to put wax on my skis.


  4. Again, more memories — I, too, helped with family chores and used an iron similar to that one!

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