Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 35 – 26. Mealtime


My daughter’s dog, Ivy had a litter of 8 puppies. She is a Black Labrador, gun dog. She had 5  boys and 3 girls. They go off to their new homes this weekend. All have been sold.

We have all had great fun with them and it has been a delight to see them grow up in this time. I have been amused at Ivy’s forbearance when they are feeding. She barely has a chance to lie down! This image below is I hope one of the last ‘mealtimes’ she will have to endure. I apologise for the quality of the image since it was through a very dirty window. What amused me was, as they are now older and bigger, they feed from her standing up anywhere they can get their mouths on her. In this one you may just be able to see, she was practically doing the splits with her back legs! Poor Ivy! I am sure she will miss her puppies but I think she will be relieved to get her life back too.

Week 35-26.Mealtime


6 thoughts on “Week 35 – 26. Mealtime

  1. Oh dear. I do not envy her at all.

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  2. Great idea for the theme. I often wonder how the mother feels when she no longer has her puppies, kind of sad I would think.

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  3. Great for the theme, hope old Ivy gets to retire soon!


    • 3 have gone and 4 more over the weekend. The last one goes next Friday. We will all miss them. Ivy will enjoy getting out with human Mum and getting lots of walks along the river. I was watching her yesterday playing with one of her pups. She is still young herself. I am sure she will be quite pleased to say goodbye to motherhood and get back to enjoying life.


  4. Ivy looks like a very patient and tolerant Mom. Seems sad that she has to part with the pups but I guess that’s life in the animal world. Ever wonder how long dogs remember when/if they had pups?

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