Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 23 – 23. Letters


Doing a photograph for a 366 I have set myself, I have used it to fulfil  my Photo-a-week too. The theme for Week 1 of the 366 is New Beginnings, “start”, and letters here.

Converted to Black and White in the Nik collection.


9 thoughts on “Week 23 – 23. Letters

  1. Lovely and clear – dont have Nik, very popular and I always see why. I forgot its a leap year! – so you are doing a photo a DAY? … I did that 5 years ago for scrapbooking – that meant printing it out too – I missed, in total about 3 months – just too much – and the album weighs so much. However I already its GREAT fun to look back on!

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  2. ps – what are these little letters? (I’m always thinking scrapbooking too!)

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  3. Well done! I have not tried printing yet. That was quite an undertaking. The letters are black and white for making necklaces. They are quite small. Perhaps I can use them for the ‘tiny’ theme in due course! I found them in a Poundland shop.

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  4. Good idea for the theme, Trudie. I have also done a 365 photo journey and really enjoyed it.

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  5. Such a clean-cut photo of the letters! Nice job!

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  6. Very sharp. You are an ambitious woman! Good Luck.


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