Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 17 -48 Three of a kind.


These are our 3 grand daughters of our second daughter. We 
look after them on Saturdays so they had fun with the crystal ball and posed for my photograph. More fun I am sure and 

There is a story attached to the crystal ball. Our son and 
other grand daughter were visiting and I was telling them 
about the crystal ball. They thought I had finally lost it. 
However, there was a knock on the door........... Good old 
Amazon had delivered my crystal ball and they thought that wasvery spooky!

Crystal Ball Portrait

8 thoughts on “Week 17 -48 Three of a kind.

  1. Cute shot! I imagine they loved helping you create this one.


  2. Great shot –beautiful girls!


  3. Great shot Trudie! Glad you got your crystal ball!!!

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  4. Your crystal ball has fulfilled another category as it reflects one of your granddaughter’s reflection as: “Upside Down”. A totally fetching picture of the three girls!!

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  5. I can tell how much fun they are having just by looking at their sweet little faces.

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