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Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 6 – 28. Mirrored image


D1_Trudie Callan_Don't sit on me

This mirrored image is of my friend who went with me on the Modern Architecture photowalk in the City of London.

This was a black marble-like seat near the building at 88 Wood Street. I managed to get rid of the bird droppings etc but it still shows the wear and tear of much use.

“88 Wood Street (1999) was designed by the Richard Rogers Partnership, this has three linked blocks of office accommodation that step up from eight storeys on Wood Street, to 18 storeys to the west. Ultra-clear, low-iron glazing has been used for most of the building’s façades. The glass’s extraordinary level of transparency allows internal elements, such as lift shafts and stairwells, to be displayed to dramatic effect.”

88 Woodgate 2_edited-1

The lady is in the lift going up and it shows the brightly coloured utilities inside the building.

 88 Woodgate 1

The blue and red pipes are ventilation shafts. There are many on the outside of the building.

5 thoughts on “Week 6 – 28. Mirrored image

  1. lots of mirrored images there – the building looks really interesting! – the air vents look like those on ships!

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  2. Nice representation of ‘mirrored image’

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  3. That marble gives a nice reflective image. Interesting building.


    • Thank you, Sue. Interesting that you choose “reflective” to describe it. I had just questioned in my mind “Is there a difference between ‘reflections’ and ‘mirrored images’? I shall have to go and explore!
      To add to my thoughts. Are all photographs ‘mirrored images’? I have just been trying to photograph my signature and of course it came up reading backwards. More researching! I feel stupid!!!!


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