Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 4 – 39 Rainy Day


There have been lots of rainy days here over the last few weeks. I woke up on Monday to rain and a forecast that promised it was going to rain all day. I thought about The Carpenters song, ‘Rainy Days and Mondays’ so I looked it up. (sorry, I have tried to add the link but I cannot make it work! I have left it so you have the link if you want to use it the hard way!!!!)

So, what to do? Well a trip with my husband to do the grocery shopping and a cup of coffee seemed to fit the bill. So here we are in the coffee shop.

I hope your rainy days have changed into sunshine again. Ours are still going on but the garden is blooming again. The children will be glad to return to school next week if it continues!


12 thoughts on “Week 4 – 39 Rainy Day

  1. Sounds like a perfect plan for a rainy day. Latte?


  2. Its views like this that make me miss the UK. I have fond memories of sitting next to a rain-soaked window with a cup of tea, often accompanied by a bacon butty (I also miss good bacon) looking out on a variety of scenes; whether it be Sainsburys, Dobbies, or a nice seaside view. Nothing better than a cuppa, a bacon butty and the beach in the rain.


  3. Brought back memories for me too! – could you have an Eccles Cake for me!? – I really miss those!


  4. Glad you incorporated the cup of coffee — it adds warmth and cheer to your picture.


  5. It hits the spot every time!


  6. Well done.
    I am curious, so rather than ask you to describe it, I think I shall head across the pond to sample a Bacon Butty for my self!
    Careful Trudie, that next knock on your door could be me! 🙂

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  7. Great shot for a rainy day and inventive as well. What is a bacon butty? I looked it up, similar to an American BLT. We would use mayonnaise instead of butter, and add lettuce and tomato. Sounds good? Gary

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