Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 3 – 21. Industrial


This is one of the buildings I photographed in our walk. This is the Lloyd’s Building designed by Richard Rogers in 1986. The services were exposed on the outside of the building freeing up the interior.


                  f/7.1, shutter speed 1/100sec, ISO 100, Nik Silver Efex Pro 2

17 thoughts on “Week 3 – 21. Industrial

  1. Great shot and processing Trudie.


  2. Love this. Very interested in your architectural walk.


    • Indeed! It got a bit ‘if you have seen one you have seen them all’. Need to think about how I can present them with a bit of colour. The shapes lend themselves to black and white though. I am certainly learning a lot about the different genres in photography!

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  3. That is an unusual design for a building. It really does make sense though, doesn’t it?

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  4. Love it. Looks so futuristic.

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  5. Nice lines you made in the composition.


    • I was not sure which one to have straight or to leave it as it was. I think there is something you can do to correct it too. More tutorials or research! The challenge is certainly making me ask questions and look at other’s people’s work for inspiration as well as using my own brain to try new things to me.


  6. Perfect in black and white.

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  7. Great (and fitting) picture for the theme!

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  8. Very fitting and perfect in black and white!

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  9. Wow, A chemical plant? Gary


    • Gary, The Lloyd’s Building (1986) Richard Rogers’ famous ‘high tech’ modernist icon expresses its structure and exposed services on the outside, freeing up the interior. The building consists of three main towers and three service towers around a central rectangular space. Revolutionary as it was, the Lloyd’s Building still succeeded in complementing the City’s existing architecture.


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