Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 2 – 43. Single Tree


This tree is in the middle of the City of London. I visited the City of London to take photos for a Modern Architecture project I was gathering information for. The walk we did was one advertised by the City of London Information Centre There were lots of examples to photograph and I now have to edit them and write up the details before I forget what they are! There were cranes and building going on everywhere.

I was on the lookout for examples for the Photo-a-week themes too. This was the only single tree I spotted. There were groups of three trees but not many single trees. I have forgotten what the building was behind it but it was a welcome respite from the tall buildings around it. There were certainly many examples of a ‘worm’s eye view’. 

Week 2 - 43 - Single Tree

14 thoughts on “Week 2 – 43. Single Tree

  1. The background architectural adds interest to such a simple subject. Very nice processing, Trudie.


  2. Nicely done Trudie, I wonder how they get furniture deliveries?


  3. It certainly seems to “block” the door off ! – well spotted. Had a look at your “link” … makes me want to return pretty badly! – one day! … first stop will be M&S – clothes and FOOD !!


  4. Nice capture, and composition with the door behind offcenter.

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  5. Oh my. Wonder why they didn’t move the tree.


  6. Simplicity at its best! Wonderful photo!

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  7. Love that picture! London is a wonderful place for photographers and it sounds as if you enjoyed it thoroughly.

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  8. Great shot for the subject and odd placement of the tree in front of the door. Gary


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