Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 50 – A2. Circles


I had the remaining themes I have not tried in my mind and spotted the hen in our daughter’s garden. The eye seemed to be shouting “circles” to me. I spent ages shadowing the hen. Her head moved all the time or so it seemed. It was like these comedy shows when someone tries to catch a hen for dinner. Eventually one of our grand daughters picked her up but I was then challenged with getting a good background! The hen did oblige eventually and stood still long enough to get this shot! Great fun!

Week 50 - A.2- Circles

Taken with my compac camera. Processed in the Colour Efex using 2 of the Vignette filters.

P.S. Sadly “DJ Chocolate”, the hen was eaten by a fox on Wednesday this week. Glad we have a picture of her. Our daughter has decided it is not fair to have any more since the foxes seem to be so bold. Foxes are not called wily for nothing!

8 thoughts on “Week 50 – A2. Circles

  1. Your patience paid off — great shot.

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  2. She’s a real beauty!

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  3. I never would have thought to photograph a chicken’s eye! 🙂 Good idea paid off in spades.

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  4. Probably could have made a video of the process you went through to get this shot so you could look back on it in a couple of years. Interesting thought for circles.

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  5. Thanks for your comments. Please see the PS above.


  6. love this idea – concentric circles no less!! – you are an over achiever!! but oh dear – I saw the PS straight away – that’s sad 😦

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  7. Unique interpretation of the theme. Gary

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