Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 47 – 18. Holiday Spirit



The original meaning for ‘holiday’ was ‘holy day’ so I am using our grand daughter’s First Holy Communion Day for this theme. She had two days to dress up. The Day itself and a ‘Going Forth’ Mass the following week with a party included. Both occasions were happy and of course we were proud grand parents.


This is our grand daughter in the middle of the picture. She is wearing the dress that I sat up until the wee small hours sewing for her Aunt. Her mother in due course wore it for her First Communion. It is becoming a family heirloom. It has fitted them all but of varying lengths! It is 34 years old!

6 thoughts on “Week 47 – 18. Holiday Spirit

  1. You have every reason to be proud grandparents. She is lovely … and the dress is beautiful!

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  2. Beautiful dress, beautiful girl!

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  3. What a wonderful tradition! I never would have known it was that old, it still is so white and crisp looking. Whites tend to yellow as they age. She is a beautiful girl. Congrats to her on this big step in her life.

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  4. A beautiful young lady and a wonderful tradition.

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  5. Very special story and lovely photos.

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  6. how very special and no wonder you are so proud … lovely girl and lovely dress!

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