Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 44 – 27. Musical


There were two buskers in KIngston when this one was taken. I put some money in this one’s pot but he would not look at me. I was further away from the second busker and lost my nerve to approach him! Kingston is a University town and we have lots of student musicians performing in the shopping precinct. There are also visiting musicians from other countries e.g. Peru and they give a colourful atmosphere to the busy shopping centre.

I used a filter from the Nik collection, Color Efex Pro 4. Gradually trying new things from it and taking tutorials from YouTube.


9 thoughts on “Week 44 – 27. Musical

  1. Nice shot, and like your processing.


  2. Very dramatic shot – and now I have to look “buskers” up!


  3. great image, nicely presented


  4. Really good job! you’re doing so well teaching yourself all this! – I really like how this worked out.


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