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Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 45 – 26. Masked


A local rugby club hold a charity event each year, although this one was the last one. One of the players some 20 years ago died at a young age and they hold this event in his memory. He was one of a family who were the backbone of the Rugby Team, uncles, cousins, brothers and friends. Each year they were able to provide a team from the family to hold a match against whoever wanted to take part. There are side shows for children, cake stalls, drinks, tombolas, raffles, an auction and a Disco in the evening. They raise money for charity. I believe they made about £50,000 over the 20 years. There was a remarkable charity there this year giving a demonstration. A dog was displaying how he could help a disabled person. He woke her up, pulled off the bedclothes, pulled her sleeve to help her sit upright then pulled her bedclothes off and brought her clothes to her. He could load the washing machine, answer the phone, pick up things she had dropped. It was remarkable to see how much he could help with everyday things that helped her to be independent.

I was going to do this one for ‘summer fun’ but I was too far away from the slide to do it justice and I did not have my zoom lens with me. Our youngest grandchild is ‘Masked’ with her face painted. Imagine our horror when we saw her face on the slide between her 2 elder sisters! She was clearly frightened. She soon cheered up with her face painting session and her 2 sisters had a whale of a time on the slide and got an extra turn because their little sister was not going up the slide again! No way!


Week44 Week 44_2

6 thoughts on “Week 45 – 26. Masked

  1. Very interesting story about the Rugby/Charity event. And your “sisters” photos are so fun!

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  2. Wonderful shots – great story


  3. very nice. I love to see dogs “working” like that – just fabulous. Great shots – love the white eyelashes!

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