Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 43 – 42. Skyline panorama


This is the view from a car park in KIngston on Thames. Not a very inspiring one but what I saw from the highest point I could think of on the day. I had all sorts of ideas for this – the London Eye, The Shard but plumped for the near and dear in the end.

I used the Photomerge option in Elements 11 using 6 images.



5 thoughts on “Week 43 – 42. Skyline panorama

  1. Nice pano, Trudie. Was this your first pano attempt?


    • I have done a few but not with this editing programme. It even fills in the edges! I think I enjoyed doing the previous ones since there was more to do myself and the subjects were more scenic. I had to do the raw editing first I discovered and convert to jpeg so that was something else learned. Did a couple of projects this week with a glass of water and striped paper and an abstract with sheets of paper which I converted to black and white. Busy week. I need to go back and consolidate the learning. Photoshoot this week doing a Group Portrait with a photogroup I belong to.


  2. Great shot, I need to try this!

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  3. Great start! Keep ’em coming!


  4. well done – you sound like you are doing really well with making yourself learn new things – I need to keep at it!

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